Encore+ is an open-ended Fund investing in
a diversified portfolio of commercial property
across Continental Europe

The Fund has a portfolio of c. €1.3 billion of assets under management located across Europe, including France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Luxembourg, Czech Republic and the Netherlands (as at 30 June 2017).

Encore+ is a monthly-priced and monthly-dealt Luxembourg based FCP and aims to deliver a fund-level TWR of 6.5-8.5% p.a. (calculated on a rolling three-year period, net of fees and taxes). The three-year return for the Fund as at 30 is more than 9.0%. In 2016 it was, for the second time, ranked by MSCI as the top performing fund on a three-year rolling basis in the IPD Pan-European Property Funds Balanced Funds Index (PEPFI).

The Fund has been successfully co-managed by LaSalle and Aviva Investors for more than 10 years. Aviva Investors is the Fund Manager of Encore+ and LaSalle is the Asset Manager. The Fund is open to new investors


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